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Kent Lau, With over 15 years of corporate working experience in IT field, he accumulates in depth knowledge in programming languages including Android, Java, PHP, JSP, ASP .NET, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, and C.

How do you lead?

Are you doing this? if you are, then you are the leader of a team, if you don’t, then the title given to you has no meaning.

Anyone can be a leader if he did these…
Provide a vision and purpose.
Set clear goals.
Lead by example.
Encourage teamwork.
Be optimistic and positive.
Give praise and rewards.
Communicate with the team.
Empower team members.


Creativewise as a team are very grateful for the strategies that shared by our first Marketing director Stan Emmanual. He was the 5 consecutive years Trail Blazer award winner from Ramsay Sime Darby. Under his commitment and guidance, Creativewise will grow amazingly in the coming years.


Thank You Note for my wife Jossie

Thank you Jossie Joseph for cooking for me, Gloson Teh, Jeremy, it takes a lot of work to plan a meal, to go to the Redtick, to pick the fresh foods to ensure our bodies stay healthy and energetic.

I know it take a lot of time and energy to put the food into the trolley, then push the trolley to the counter to pay, put into the trolley, then took out of the trolley to the car, took it out of the car again, into the house, out of the bags and then into the fridge….. all before you cook us a breakfast.

It is an amazing job! all by yourself, I thank God for an extraordinary wife Jossie Joseph

Train-the-Trainer with Master Trainer Rita Krishnan

Rita, who is the Managing Director and Training Consultant of IMPIAN HELANG (M) SDN BHD takes charge of the TRAIN-THE-TRAINER CERTIFICATION programme and certifies trainers for their professional practice in the country nationally and internationally. The trainer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from National University of Singapore and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Monash, Australia. She has earned an excellent reputation for her work in a variety of endeavours related to human or capital development last twenty years. Along with that she is also a qualified trainer who has completed the Trainer’s Certification from Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) or currently known as Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).
The trainer has been involved in the arena of Training and Consultancy for the past two decades. Over the years, the trainer has accumulated vast, hands-on working experiences
in various fields and industries, resulting in unique training sessions. Rita began her career in MIM in 2001 as a trainer for the Stress Management programme as one of the series for a generic programme called “Job of the General Manager” or JOGM specially tailored for high powered General Managers and Managers. She took office as the Programme Director for the Training Department.

During this time, she designed and delivered a programme called MIM-Certified Professional
Trainer Programme (MIM-CPT) as an internal certification programme for trainers for bench
marking and setting training standards within the organisation for trainers in tracking their performance. Her passion for training resulted in the forming of the MIM-CPT Trainers
where a group of trainers gathered bi-monthly for exchanging ideas and networking. Here,
she provided a platform for the trainers to introduce their programmes, collaborate and
update themselves with current and relevant training expertise. At the same time, the senior
and reputable trainers were invited to share their experiences at each meeting for uplifting
the performance of the other new addition to the trainers’ group. It also became a platform
for trainers to voice their concerns, dialogue and discuss issues with the MIM management

“Impian Helang (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the best TTT training providers among the 10 selected and certified by HRDF,” C.M. Vignaesvaran said.
C.M. Vignaesvaran was HRDF deputy chief executive of operations at the time of reporting