Excel Function & Formula Class

Excel Function and Formula Class

Who is suitable to attend?

  • Non-finance and finance user
  • Those who don’t just doing data entry, but involve in analyzing, processing data, cleaning data such as business analyst
  • HR executive who download employee data from HR system for further analysis
  • Accountant who need to download company data to analyze financial performance
  • Those who use Excel to keep track, monitoring stock, inventory
  • Level: This is not a class for beginner, this is Intermediate to Advanced level
  • Focus on mastering Function and Formula and beyond

Day 1

Basic Facts about Formulas
Participants will learn:
four common cell references
Using the ‘$’ in applying formula.
Converting formulas to values.
How to protect worksheet before sharing with others.

Working with Names
What is named cell?
What is named range?
How to create it and delete it.
Why do we use Named cell/range?
What is #NAME?

Logical & Information Functions
Participants will learn how to:
Test a condition using logical function such as IF Function to help user performs simple decision making.
Determine type of data stored within a cell, for example, what function is used to determine whether a cell is empty?

Text Function
The text functions gives the participant the power to:
Convert value to upper cases or lowercase in preparing report title.
Extracts any number of characters beginning or end of a cell value.
Combining several cells’ value into a single cells’ value. This is not merging cells.

Day 2
Dates and Times Functions
Participants will learn how to work with date and time values in function and formulas.
How to extract part of the date or time
How to add certain duration in preparing staff time management schedule fast.
How to show current date permanently or dynamically.

Math Functions
The types of rounding
How to get randomize numbers.
How to get randomize values.

Counting & Summing Functions
Participants will be amaze by the new way to sum and count items in a worksheet, for example:
Summing using single criteria.
Summing using multiple criteria.
Counting using single criteria.
Counting using multiple criteria.

Lookup Functions
Participants will learn quicker way to find values in lists on different sheet.
In this module, we will teach the user
How to automate the task of uploading data to a master list.
The secret to consolidate data from different sheets fast
How to use INDEX and MATCH together

Duration: 2 Days

Fee: RM 1200/pax, RM 2000 for 2 pax, RM 2400 for 3 pax (group rate)