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University student electrocuted while having hot shower

When you water Heater if it is too old, what should you do?

Option A: Save money, do nothing

Option B: Time to change

Which option do you do?

Some people choose to ignore and possible to cause death, yes, it is possible

Some people choose option B, change it, yes, it cost money, and it save life too.

If you don’t make a choice, you are also choosing – option A.


ELCB will cut electric if got shock circuit detected.
You can test ELCB by pressing a button. if the switch got jump mean ok



A trade mark or ™ is any word, name, symbol or device (or any combination thereof) that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.

Similarly, a service mark or sm is any word, name, symbol, device or any combination that identifies and distinguishes the services of one party from those of others.

Service marks are often referred to as trademarks for convenience or because certain jurisdictions may not recognize the term service mark.

A trademark or service mark can be a word, logo, slogan, package design or other source indicator (or a combination thereof), or any other cognizable thing that serves to indicate a particular source, good or service.

A registered trade mark is protected for 10 years. The Trademark protection in Malaysia is governed by the Trade Marks Act 1976 and Trade Marks Regulations 1997.

Unity First

Hatten City is a master piece

It was first conceived in the mind of the founder of Hatten Group, then it take shapes after years of effort from the Hatten great team.

Nothing great achieve without great team.

Idea alone cannot deliver great result.

A man effort cannot create miracle, it takes a team.

Do whatever you can to keep your team together, and it may take the team member to let go ego of “I can do it all by myself” to “we can only accomplish this big dream together”

Once your team can reach this, the dream is possible to realize

Congratulation to Hatten group for accomplish another outstanding project – the Hatten City @ Melaka.

“It is not the team with the best player that wins, It is the players with the best team wins.”