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How to be happy, truly happy with what you have?

How to be happy?
Count your blessing.
it is not easy, we always looks at others success, and forget our very own success.
Do you count your blessing?
When should you count?
if you apply Divergent thinking, or Thick Thinking, then a better question is…
how would I make use of the photos I took from each class to create happiness, abundance feeling for myself?
What if I put not just one photo, but all photos together?
Have you ever did this?
The key is to make yourself feel great, feel amazing, feel abundance, for when that happen, your life will soon become truly great, amazing, abundance, and what a wonderful world.
What if there is a Law beyond Law of Attraction?
Count your blessing is an idea…
but this idea won’t work for you, unless you understand Law of Attraction works when you have certain action. Attraction, Traction, Action.
For those who believe it, you will experience what I am experiencing now : )
Preparing for amazing year of 2019 : )

What is 70 20 10?


70 pct is on the job, but the question is – what define a job? where is really learning take place? from commercial perspective, for e.g. You must learn to train well, then 70 pct must be a Structured On the Job training (with a coach, supervisor, master trainer), 20 pct can be whenever you learn, 10 pct can be – the time you learn by yourself (no one else interact with you, more on 1 way direct communication, more on receiving input, receiving information)
10 pct can be watching this video –

but 20 pct is not everyone will love to do, it depends on individual, some willing to share, some want to share, some passion to share publicly ( myself), some don’t, it is just personality.

70% is about creating difference, must create difference, must create result that client want, therefore, there is money for survival. I spent years to sharpen my Trainer skills, my 70% is creating exceptional training result to my trusted client, those who believe in me.

This is my self reflection.


Review of Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Just watched Nutcracker at 1st Avenue Penang last night.

I decide to write my review not for others, but for myself, and hopefully benefit some of my closed friend.

The story is about rescuing a kingdom from destruction, as usual.

There is nothing new, but how to inject new element, excitement into the story is what fascinating me.

Point that I would like to reflect on is that:

How is it that the movie director got me into believing that “mother ginger” was the bad guy?

and how easy I am to believe that “Sweet Plum” truly had the intention to protect the kingdom?

and how did Clara pass the key to the other to let other protect the kingdom..

and the message in that golden egg – “Everything you need is inside you”

the story line may be not new, but I watched the movie with a new level of wisdom


How do we explain courage, creativity, communication, team work best?

how to make a story interesting? Don’t tell the whole story

Watch a movie

How can we best explain that – you are the key to your own success..

it takes some times to bring one to that realization, I got mine. I don’t know about you


There are bad review, there are good review, and none of this matters to me, because they all see with a different level of life experience, mindset, so just because someone says it is badly produced, I don’t take it as a truth.

I learnt a lot from that movie.

Thank you Disney for taking years to produce another masterpiece.

I choose a different lens to watch this movie, I watched it with gratitude heart, and for the measure I give, I receive back abundantly.

Whenever I hear someone says this Disney movie is not good, I pity them and I keep myself quiet. I just learnt the best I can from each movie produced by Disney and applied the lessons in my life.

For Nutcracker, what 3 things I learnt?

When you want something badly (the golden key), you will not take a “no” (the danger) to stop yourself from getting what you want. (The “No, is dangerous” is reported by the captain, even the kingdom’s people, but it takes a leader to say “We will move forward even it is reported dangerous, life threatening – ah… the message “No one has ever return alive”

Also, the mouse who steal the “golden key” appear to have evil desire…..

the ugly, unwelcoming appearance of “mother ginger” that scared myself and

the pretty, sweet “Sweet Plum” that seems a very good person in nature, but actually harbor lots of hate, and the desire to have a team of strong soldier to protect herself.

and the final advice from Clara – “The right desire for a true queen is to protect the people than to protect the king/queen itself” – it speaks of the true leadership, in essence too.

The promise written in the box that keep the “golden egg” has a special power to keep Clara continue to search for the key.

The golden egg has a key hole and together with the “special life giving machine” – if there is  key, then there must be a key hole that match it.

on top of that, I learnt the joy of watching movies together with family and a closed relative of my wife, we experienced a wonderful, unforgettable moment, thank to TGV Cinema for creating such space and opportunity for us.

Our relative’s son has its first ever “going to cinema” experience yesterday – 3 Nov 2018.

What we see depends not on what others say or think, it depends on our level of gratitude, it has nothing to do with others.

I certainly enjoyed and learnt much from this amazing movie. Thank you, Disney and TGV.