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Addicted to Failure or Addicted to Success

You need to make a choice in life..

do you prefer to addicted to failure or addicted to greater success?

What you watch will determine what kind of life you will going to have…

If you watch Simon Sinek, you will become him

If you watch XYZ person telling how broke he/she was, and sooner or later, you will become just like that XYZ person.

so, either way, your mind need to be feed with information, energy…

If you watch Joel Osteen message which always uplifting people, making people believe in miraculous healing of relationship, removing limited belief, guess what you will become what you are listening to again and again..

that’s call faith, faith comes from hearing and hearing again and again…

Fear comes from years of programming from other unsuccessful people, newspaper, bad reports from colleague, friends, …

you have to choose to leave them if you can’t change them or they will change you eventually…

so, stay strong, stay wise, move to a wiser group, richer group, positive group

Finally, here’s a message shared by E-Luan, a master trainer on Law of Attraction


A Public Mutual person tell me that “I am going to have an appointment”, well, guess what at the end of the day, he/she will ideally have an appointment, and that’s all.

So, I actually ask her to reframe her word if he/she willing to do so…

“What kind of outcome do you want from that appointment?”

“Fruitful one”, yes, than add that expected outcome in your Desire Statement (DS, I learnt from E-Luan)

Actually, a better one is

I am going to have a amazing appointment and close a sales of over RM XXX today


I am going to have a amazing appointment and help my client to invest by helping her to sign of a plan that worth over over RM XXX today

Another guru taught me to STOP using selling, START using helping