Chatting with a CEO for hours (again without appointment)

How? At the right place, right time, right people..

I won’t be in the right place if my office is in my house, because my office is at Setiawalk, I will then have the opportunity to meet the CEO again, yes, 2nd time.

She shared with me how she started her business…in her early day…

At merely age of 16, she start her job as a beautician, earning less than RM 400 a month, and at that time, she need to take care of her parents..

so, she has to eat bread with water most of the day, in order to keep herself and her parent survive…

that’s lasted for 6 years, and eventually she start her beauty business at age of 22.


This is inspiring, real story. How many of us would have already give up in such situation, or ask God, why this happen to me? but she never give up, I guess she cried for nights, but she rose up the next day..such is the entrepreneur spirit that people respect.

If you want to know more about her, connect her at Facebook.


If you are in business, and you want to stay long enough in business, then you don’t see the money as the only factor to do business, you look at longer vision…


is not easy to have long term vision, it is easy to say, when the tough situation comes, it is those who can see far, can continue to move, progressing..

as the saying – “Nothing will last forever, worst thing will gone, just as the happiest thing will gone…”, so be grateful to those you attracted, grateful to those who believe in you, who want to spend their time with you..


The wise one don’t spent time with the wrong people, if they choose to invest time with you, say Thank you.

Thank you 江妤媃