David Ann’s Excellent Customer Service Workshop – 18 Oct 2018

We have successfully organized our first Free Customer Service Workshop this year.

We are grateful that 4 participants turned up and learn from us to improve their Customer Service skills both for their internal customer and external customer.

David Ann shared how to manage internal customer better by creating a Job Attachment for new comer which effectively helping training manager and HR to arrange new comer orientation task systematically,

it also provide an effective way to pinpoint problem area, so to provide way to improve, and

to track progress of orientation effectively.

David Ann has shared a very effective tool to help the Training Manager and his assistant.

David can do so because he was a former Training Manager to Mark & Spencer for years.

Thank you God that provide us this opportunity to share our knowledge and experience to the 4 participants.



David Ann says that is this workshop he will deliver the following

Program Outline

Ice Breaking activity
Introduction to Customer Service
Group Activity: Why customers want you and not others?
Activity: The Customer Personality
Tips, Tools and Techniques in handling difficult customer
Feedback tips on how we can fully utilize to the best of it.

Yes, he did all and exceed what he promised.

and he also provided useful handouts for the 4 participants.

I as the organizer learnt from him too what it means Customer Service Experience

Why ECOWORLD has the best Customer Service Experience

Why we need to educate our customer on simple procedure

How to handle difficult customer in different situation that tackling problem in shipping duration, handling seats issue in restaurant, difficult situation in handling internal customer (our department) request for training.

I am glad I am in the class : )

Our past event with David Ann: