Design Thinking Class at Magic Cyberjaya 1 – 2 Dec 2018

I learnt few tools:

Business Canvas

Double Loop

Design is not just about look and feel, is about functionality

about solving a really really key problem…

Apple didn’t just solving the problem of “from key pad” to touch screen.. if it does, it won’t beaten Nokia…


Listen to customer

Observe customer

Customer is king – no customer, the business shouldn’t exist, as business is to solve customer problem for an affordable fee.

E.g. AirAsia exists to solve customer problem – pricy air ticket, reduce it significantly by innovative marketing strategy, data technology…


Something else I observe:

the way that the trainer Zusoff present is very interesting

Showing videos at the right time

Learn how to organize PowerPoint in very interesting way

Learn how well-prepared is the session – prepare with paper, scissors, tape, magic pen, and even printers!



My further finding: