Do you have an agenda?

Meeting Agenda – created by Excel Warrior Kent Lau

What is your agenda?

Do you have an agenda?

Agenda means proper listed tasks that has to be accomplished.

As writing an agenda means getting organized.

Excel Grandmaster’s Excellent AGENDA tips:
It should be planned in advance
It should have a title
It should tell the reader/other people joining the meeting theĀ duration and venues
An agenda must tell the reader the purpose of the meeting

Why you must have an agenda?

Most people are time waster, they like to waste everyone time and theirs too

They don’t value their time, neither do they value theirs.

So a meeting is prolong, and get nothing done.

Other people who was forced in the meeting, get nothing done too.

Do not join company who keep asking everyone to join meeting.

Do not believe that “they are high performing company” but yet they don’t have Meeting Agenda, or simply call everyone, every team member to meet up.

Those company who always have URGENT & important meeting don’t really perform well. They only exhaust the team members, make them go home late weeks after weeks..

If directors does ask for meeting, nothing what ranking you are, ask them – “Do you have an agenda?”

Agenda is not just a title of the agenda, it must spell out specifically what to discuss, how long it will takes, then most importantly, when it MUST end.

Kent Lau Meeting Agenda Planner - Public
Kent Lau Meeting Agenda Planner - Public
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