Dynamic Speak! Effective Public Speaking Two-day Workshop

Dynamic Speak!
Present As Yourself With Impact

What is your message?
An audience will always expect an effective presentation from a speaker.
How are we going to persuade others to action when we are unable to present with clear message?
Speaking to a group of people requires effective listening skills, understanding verbal and non-verbal communication messages, creativity and audience engagement skills. This workshop is ideal for people who are engaged in communication and present your ideas with impactful message.
Be yourself!

Making you realize that you can learn the art of speaking dynamically.
Speak and get the results you desire.
Build up your confidence.
Train you so you can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Executive level and above
Assistant Manager
General Manager
Anyone that have strong desire and commited to improve and enhance their presentation skills to next level.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the workshop, participants should be able to:
Understand the technical aspects of making a professional business presentation.
Discover talents to make creative speeches and presentations in any situation.
Learn the skills of getting audience engagement and create a lasting impression.
Effectively speak without preparation.
Learn key presentation techniques and dos and don’ts of speechmaking.

Meet Your Trainer David Ann
David Ann is a champion of numerous public speaking and evaluation competitions.
He brings to his programs his experience from his over 16 years of experience in sales & customer service training.
David has conducted programs in Presentation, Sales, Customer Service & Public Speaking.
He is quick to adapt and handle situational changes during training.

Top Thai Brands 2018 Event by David Ann


Module 1:
Get to know your presentation style
The WIIFM radio station – what is your frequency?
The foundation: Getting to know different types of presentation
The structure of presentation and speech

Module 2:
Energizer, Activity and Ice Breaker
Getting yourself prepared for the big show!
A U D I E N C E is the key to Dynamic Speak
Connecting the similarity
Turning your presentation into fun, humor and meaning
Challenge your audience with the right technique

Module 3:
Putting all together for maximum impact in speaking and presenting
How to handle Q & A session effectively
Resources! Resources! Resources!
Be a story teller in getting the message in mind
The Gallery Walk

The learning is always in the doing.
This 2 day workshop involves fun as well as experiential learning.
It is designed for individuals and team to take action in speaking.
They will learn from each other the best way to speak dynamically and cut down the time needed to be successful in speaking.
Each presentation will be videotaped for evaluation and ah-ha moment “this is the way to go for”.

2 days

Thank you.