Excel Intermediate to Advanced Private Coaching Service

Excel Intermediate to Advanced Private Coaching serviceĀ 
24- 25 Sept 2018

I have spent 2 days to coach a Sales Force Effective manager last 2 days on using Excel effectively to produce Sales Report for a pharmaceutical company.

My student has just moved to the company for a short period and was asked to do all kinds of report using Excel, and when she cannot do it, her colleague would laugh at her, joked at her, she felt so bad, so demotivated by what those colleague did to her.

“How come you don’t know this X function?”, so easy…

yes, at first it seems that the X function is so easy to many, but when after I coach her to learn that X function, and then go into checking her current Sales report…then I began to see why she couldn’t get that X function right, even after I trained her to learn X function well, I am very confident that she understand that X function well, but just that particular worksheet don’t work…

so, after spending close to 30 minutes, we finally solve that problem…

Her company didn’t spent money to send her for training, but she is determined to find a solution, do all that she can, find the right one to train and coach her.
What’s stop you? your boss said “cannot, no budget to send you to learn Excel fast”
What’s stop you? your boss said “wait”

A Sales Force Effective Manager do differently, and that’s why she hold that position.

What can stop her? nothing, if she want to stop colleague from ridiculed her as “not knowledgeable in Excel”, she has at last 2 option:
She demand the colleague to stop ridiculed her by showing temper, angry at her… or
Option B: She learn. She turn “not knowledgeable” into mastering Excel key function in 2 days”

Just 2 days ago, she was perceived as Excel idiot, 2 days later, she return to office with greater confidence for she was trained so well in the last 2 days on those key concept in Excel.

What is the lesson learnt here?
If you are being label as stupid, not good in Excel, you can changed that..
Who can stop you from getting what you want? Not others, but you.

If you believe we can help you overcome your weakness, flip from spirit of “timid” to spirit of “courage”, spirit of “hate” to “love”..
PM us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.