How to be a Successful Trainer?

Give your very best (Yes, think about giving first, always giving your very best)

Appreciate what is given to you by each clients. Appreciate it, write it down, and feel it.

Forget the naysayer, focus on your clients, remember your clients better than others. Ask not why the naysayer why he/she don’t like your program…ask a better question for a better life quality – ask – why my client like my program so much, ask how do I make my client to feel I am the first choice in their mind again? ask who is my customers? list it out, thank God for the list of clients you have, even you only have 1 or 2 clients at the start, feel good about it. Write a thank you note to your client after training. Spend your energy on those who believe in you.


KSC Solutions and I have a wonderful moment at Taiping last 2 days by conducting a Excel training for 10 Cinema manager and 1 regional manager.

We learnt that training venue can be more than just at Hotel, never have I thought that training can be done in a cinema, have you?