How to get a Sales in the Digital age

I met a brave Salesperson this morning, she press the door bell and introduce herself…

Step 1: You must dare to knock the door

Step 2: You must be positive even the prospect already have using other competitor product

Step 3: Do competitor research during Sales visit

You must ask – can I see the competitor model (and in her hand, holding a Competitor Analysis form)

Step 4: Spend time to explain whatever concern that the prospect have.

asking any challenge in current competitors…

Step 5: (May be can ask for referral)



of course, you must be prepared. Comes with a Sales flyer (color), name card (then your prospect will know you are serious)

Mindset: Is not Selling, is about Understanding The Existing Market (Which I learnt in Design Thinking)


The competitor research analysis has

Company Industry

Competitor Name

Current Technical Support Satisfactory Level


Do you depend on Corporate Customer to search you online? or you reach them?

What if your competitor don’t rely on SEO?

What if your competitor beat you by deploying the most effective method – Sales Visit

but question remains…

a Physical Sales call or a Tele-Sales call more effective?



She got a Sales target of visiting 8 new clients a day

Btw, that copier company has no physical Sales training, they have changed it to e-learning, asking the Salesperson to visit a website..

and her response was – she just click the button, finish, next, finish…(she never watch those videos)…why? Because she prefer to have someone to train her physically.

So, is e-learning really effective to all? no, but to some, yes.