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I started working in my teens, KFC, waitressing, babysitting and yes 3 jobs at the same time and had never really stop. A family of 5. My late father, my best friend, a 6 feet friendly & caring giant. Talented but a bit too trusting. We lost almost everything we had overnight when his boss ran away with the company’s fund. A lawsuit follows, the late Karpal Singh was our lawyer. It took over 2 years to settle and we loss not just our savings but the roof over our heads.

I remember my mum looking for job in her 40s, I remember going for interviews at 15. I took an active interest in learning and understanding people, beyond what they say, body languages, little gestures, etc and I would even research by asking my friends or seniors who work at the place about the Boss. 🙂 there was no Linkedin or Facebook back then. It wasn’t an easy period for me or my family. But we learnt and supported each other, we grow even stronger, we put ourselves through school while keeping our day jobs. It is possible because we didn’t allow no to get in (partly because we are scared of our mum la 🙄) There were also kind pastors, mentors and friends that helped along the way just when we thought we won’t make it. What don’t break you make you stronger 🙂 We are a living proof. Don’t give up! 🙂