Labuan Daycare Center

Labuan Daycare Center (Setup by Jossie Joseph, Labuanist)

Address: SK 0916E Simpang Lazenda (Dekat Lazenda Villa 3), Labuan 87000, Malaysia.

Contact: (Click here)

No Charge for early sending

Day: Monday to Friday

Time: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Including home cooked nutrition food

Discipline kids to bath, do homework at the planned time

cultivate the habit of high performer

Early bird rate RM 250/month

Normal rate: RM 280/month

Deposit one month

Registration fee: RM 150 (one time only)


Tuition is available at extra charge.

for registration and detail such as late pick up charge, please contact:


Video below show when Jossie Joseph was few year younger than now..

Belajar Bahasa Malaysia dengan Cikgu Jossie (Puchong)

Jossie Joseph, known as Cikgu Jossie. She is the First Educator in Tuition and Learning Center area that start up a Bahasa Malaysia Learning Center using ENVIRONMENT to learn.

Most of the kids that learned with Cikgu Jossie can speak Bahasa Malaysia (National Language) confidently, spontaneously and naturally with few, less or no grammatical error just like a native speaker.

She creates the environment to learn a language with the Bahasa Malaysia Speaking environment specially for Chinese primary school and International primary school students to allow them to practice their Bahasa Malaysia language which they do not have the opportunity to practice it among their peers, in school and at home.

Since early of year 2010, Cikgu Jossie has taught kids that from the following schools.
1. SJK C Ladang Harcroft, Puchong
2. SJK C Yak Chee , Puchong
3. SJK C Han Ming, Puchong
4. SJK C Sin Ming , Puchong
5. SJK C Yoke Nam, KL
6. SJK C Lai Meng, Bukit Jalil
7. SJK C Chee Wen, Subang
8. SJK C Puay Chai, Damansara
9. SJK C Choong Wen, Old Klang
10. SJK C Kuen Cheng, 2 , KL
11. SJK C Lick Hung, SS19
12. SJK C Serdang Baru 2, Serdang
13. UCSI SR Sri Sedaya International, Subang
14. SJK C Sungai Way, PJ
15. SJK C Chen Moh, PJ
16. SJK C Kheng Chee, Puchong
17. SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong,1 Puchong

Beside that, Cikgu Jossie’s students also come from other country like Nigeria, Australia, London and China. This international students were taught through Sykpe and at her own learning center in Puchong Jaya in early 2010. However, she no longer provides this service to adult internationally.

Cikgu Jossie believes, kids who are used to the language in real life will experience different way and easier to learn the language. For example, your main language at home is English, therefore, you could expect that your kid can score excellent result for English subject right. And so to Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Cikgu Jossie tips here, ” You can start to train your kids to speak from home. Start with simple vocabulary on each item and each action you can do at home to help your kids to familiar with it. You don’t want your kids to feel so difficult to learn the language right…”

Sitting too long on your kid’s desk will leave them a nightmare and hate to study the language. Practicing on paper will be two different things with practicing in Real Life which kids normally learn from anything around them – Cikgu Jossie.

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards
1.Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering
2. Instrumentation certified by INSTEP Petronas
3. Certified Professional Trainer by IPMA – Mastery Asia
4. Was a Part time teacher for 2 months SJKC Kheng Chee, Puchong
5. Own tuition center grown by words of mouth