Microsoft Access Basic to Intermediate Training

Microsoft Access Basic to Intermediate Training


Unit 1: Getting started
Database Concepts
Exploring the Access environment

Unit 2: Databases and tables
Planning and designing databases
Exploring tab les
Creating tables

Unit 3: Fields and records
Changing the design of a table
Finding and editing records
Organizing records

Unit 4: Data Entry rules
Setting field properties
Working with input masks
Setting validation rules

Unit 5: Basic queries
Creating and using queries
Modifying query results and queries
Performing operations in queries

Unit 6: Using forms
Creating forms
Using Design view
Sorting and filtering records

Unit 7: Working with reports
Creating reports
Modifying and printing reports


Unit 1: Relational databases
Database normalization
Table relationships
Referential integrity

Unit 2: Related tables
Creating lookup fields
Modifying lookup fields

Unit 3: Complex queries
Joining tables in queries
Using calculated fields
Summarizing and grouping values

Unit 4: Advanced form design
Adding unbound controls
Adding calculated values
Adding combo boxes
Advanced form types

Unit 5: Reports and printing
Report formatting
Calculated values and sub reports
Label printing