Training Room

Setiawalk Puchong is safe for everyone


Classroom setting: 24 pax (max)
Theater Setting: 38 pax (max)

High speed, stable 100 Mbps TIME Fibre internet WIFI
Hot and Cold water (filtered water, not RO water)
Coffee, Tea
Covered car park (Flat rate RM 4/day)
24 hours Security by Setiawalk management
Projector Screen
Marker Pen (Red, Blue, Black)
Simple printing – Black & White (charge applied)

Safe, Affordable Meeting Rooms @ Setia Walk
Setiawalk is a safe place for ladies
The entire buildings are guarded by professional guard
and it is well managed by the Setiawalk management.
The basement car park is well equipped with fire safety equipment, well lighting.

Setiawalk is also connected to LRT station, within 5 minutes walking distance.
Variety of food available.


Normal Room (not private, Open concept)


How to make a training effective?

Go for quality, not quantity.

Therefore the class size, has to be below 30 pax.

To book a room, please whatsapp at:

Thank you very much.


Client feedback so far since open to business at Jan 2018.


Why Contact us now? 

to avoid disappointment, frustration..

We are not responsible for not reserving the slot for you if you don’t pay us in full payment. You don’t agree our term, but other trainers do, and therefore, they have it.

You can keep waiting, but the world won’t wait for you. Other trainers will act faster than you.

It is your choice, but the consequence is – you are caught out of surprise, and looks very bad before your boss, now what will this prospect say to her boss?

Option 1: Play the “Blame” game

Option 2: Get scolded

Option 3; ?

So, are you the smart one? Book with us as fast as possible. ESpace serve you with the best we can.

if you book at last minutes, chances are – you may not get to book at promotion rate, or not even get a slot.

So book with us today

Why We Must Collect Full Booking Fee?

  1. Protect you, so your event can be sure to have the space
  2. Protect us, so we don’t lost money (we can’t continue provide service if making a loss due to the client’s irresponsible action such as Last Minute Cancellation)

We have a Bad client recently who cancel his booking last minute.

Mr Jacky requested us to send in 3 invoices for his 3 events happened in 18 & 19 Aug, so we blocked the dates for them

but they never pay any money, pretending to be busy..

and today is 16 Aug, he simply send in a Cancellation, that’s all he do.

How unprofessional is he?

So, we insist to ask for full payment if you want us to reserve the dates for you.

No payment, we can’t serve you, that’s the truth.


Surau Location in Setiawalk

Our outstanding client testimonials

Ian Lai & Jane Lee