What is 70 20 10?


70 pct is on the job, but the question is – what define a job? where is really learning take place? from commercial perspective, for e.g. You must learn to train well, then 70 pct must be a Structured On the Job training (with a coach, supervisor, master trainer), 20 pct can be whenever you learn, 10 pct can be – the time you learn by yourself (no one else interact with you, more on 1 way direct communication, more on receiving input, receiving information)
10 pct can be watching this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jr63GY035w

but 20 pct is not everyone will love to do, it depends on individual, some willing to share, some want to share, some passion to share publicly (ohh..like myself), some don’t, it is just personality.

70% is about creating difference, must create difference, must create result that client want, therefore, there is money for survival. I spent years to sharpen my Trainer skills, my 70% is creating exceptional training result to my trusted client, those who believe in me.

This is my self reflection.